The Pride

Our members and lions

The lunar cycle for the next school year is the Year of the Pig and we are always looking to expand our family.
If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.


Brian Li

Kristina Guardino

Active members

Alexis Wong

Caroline Chen

Hao Yuan Liu

Hubert Liu

Justin Qiu

Matthew Pereira

Ricky Ho

Photos taken by Brian Le

The Lions


Awakened Fall 2001


Awakened Fall 2001


Awakened Apr 9, 2003
Anwer's gift


Awakened Feb 14, 2004


Awakened Feb 2005


Awakened Apr 13, 2005
Ric's lion


Awakened Apr 11, 2007


Awakened Jan 21, 2009


Awakened May 1, 2013


Awakened May 1, 2013


Awakened May 1, 2013


Awakened Jan 27, 2016


Awakened May 3, 2017

Qílín (麒麟)

Awakened Mar 10, 2018

Léigōng (雷公)

Awakened Mar 10, 2018

The Founders

Anwer Khan

Bobby "Bobbilicious" Chin

Justin "Chanman" Chan

Tiffani "Tifferific" Mah


Seventeenth Generation (Year of the Dog)

Alexis Wong
Hao Yuan Liu
Hubert Liu
Kristen Liu
Matthew Pereira
Olyvia Yoon
Renju Liu
Ricky Ho
Rochelle Yee
Thomas Dang

Sixteenth Generation (Year of the Rooster)

Anthony Jung
Brian Le
Brian Li
Caroline Chen
Evan Smoller
Feng Ming Li
Justin Qiu
Kelly Zhou
Kristina Guardino
Michelle Tran
Nicholas Awakuni
Preston Dang

Fifteenth Generation (Year of the Monkey)

Alexandra Lee
Allison Toh
Andrew Sam
Annebella Choi
Annie Gao
Billy Li
Grace Cao
Kevin Tran
Makayla Ogdahl

Fourteenth Generation (Year of the Ram)

Catherine Lumintang
Craig Chan
Eric Tran
Joshua Wang
Kavin Tran
Kylie Chen
Michael Dao
Rachel Sysiong
Ryan Ho
Tiffany Kyu
Tracy Nguyen

Thirteenth Generation (Year of the Horse)

Ellice Lin Justin Liou Matthew DeCoste

Twelfth Generation (Year of the Snake)

Adara Lui Alina Chen Deanna Chung Justin Sun Tracy Guo

Eleventh Generation (Year of the Dragon)

Andy Ta
Austin Rose
Betty Lam
Christal Chung
John Chang
Morris Lam
Ryan Au
Schneider Sienes
Steven Le Yolanda Chen

Tenth Generation (Year of the Rabbit)

Alex Cheng Dana Lee Erica Ducker Fiona Hui Michelle Tom

Ninth Generation (Year of the Tiger)

Andy Kuo
Emily Gong
Ginny Li
Jaclyn Chen
Maggie Chu Son Giang Steven Chen Wilson Zhang

Eighth Generation (Year of the Ox)

Ashley Jin James Wang Leonalyn Khanh

Seventh Generation (Year of the Rat)

Cameron Feng Timothy Lum MacArthur Tsang Victor Wei

Sixth Generation (Year of the Pig)

Cassidy Hsieh
Michael Hsieh
David Liu Yin Seo Danny Truong Michelle Wang Tiffany Yin

Past Alumni

Allen Chang
Allison Chin
Alyssa Wang
Andrew Tang
Angela Suen
Annie Kao
Anthony Choi
Brandon Sos
Cindy Chiang
Darren Kaw
David Tran
Derek Leung
Diana Ngo
Elenis Wong
Eric Gin
Erika Fong
Erin Wong
Evelyn Ju
Gloria De Leon
Gloria Ho
Jacquelyn Leong
Janelle Lin
Janet Lo
Jason Lam
JoAnn Cho
John Duong
John Ng
Joyce Chou
Justin Lu
Justina Du
Kathy Tu
Katie Li
Kelly Fan
Ling Tang
Lung San Louie
Margaret Kwan
Mark Nguyen
Matt Chan
Matt Kucera
Michael Tong
Monica So
Nina Sanchez
Paula Fong
Peter Ngaou
Randall Woo
Shirong Gao
Sondra Wong
Sophia Henry
Thanh Ngo
Tim Tran
Tina Tom
Truong Ma
Tyler Fong
Vincent Lee
Waylan Choy
Winnie Yu
Yeat Yang

A few words from 2006...

A statement from our 2014-2015 coordinators...

This year is the year of changes and rebirth! We are hoping to give a strong start to our incoming members, as well as vigorous but fun challenges for our returning members to keep our team in shape. In addition, we plan to add new routines to our repertoire, with an emphasis in demonstrating the tradition and origin behind lion dance. We are also bringing back the gong into our current routines! Most importantly, this year we are establishing our identity as ACA Lion Dance - understanding where we come from, so that we will know where to go. There are many things we want to accomplish this year and we hope that in doing so, we leave our future members and our community with our legacy. -08.23.2014