It's Chinese New Years season, and ACA Lion Dance is hard at work preparing for all of our upcoming performances. Check us out on our social media, and come out to support our team as we perform at UCLA and all around the Los Angeles Area!

Important Upcoming Events

No events.

Follow the lions

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We will be regularly posting pictures of our recent performances. There's quite a few CACN photos from this year! Also check out ACA Bruins's facebook page for photos!

Our team

Get to know us!

We are a Chinese lion dance team at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) affiliated with the Association of Chinese Americans (ACA) student organization. Founded in 2001 originally as an aspect for ACA's Chinese American Culture Night (CACN), the continued growth of the team allows us to entertain and perform at many locales and celebrations in the Los Angeles area.

Our performances

We perform at

  • Lunar New Year celebrations
  • weddings
  • grand openings
  • blessings
  • parades
  • cultural celebrations
  • birthday parties
  • Chinese American Culture Night at UCLA
  • any venue you would like to see lions!

*Contact us for all your performance needs!

Our values

  • Passion

    Our love for lion dance grows deeper every day driving us to excel and strive for the highest.
  • Culture

    We look to the past as a foundation for our future finding inspiration through our history, tradition, and customs.
  • Harmony

    The memories we share and the bonds that we make allow us to work successfully as a team. We are a family.
  • Respect

    We honor the strength, wisdom, and knowledge of lion dancers, past and present. We continue to dance so their legacy may live on to inspire anew.